We give Christian families the tools to come out of modern-day slavery and know their true identity in Jesus.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to liberate the captives in rural Pakistan. We do this by equipping these families with: 1) the education they need to come out—and stay out—of bonded labor and poverty, including education on their true identity in Jesus; 2) training in new job skills, so women can earn income in safer environments; 3) a means to supplement their income to pay off their debts and; 4) support in finding new jobs.

Educational Impact

Our vocational schools consist of a Hosiery, sewing centers, a cosmetology school and we partner with locals to train our students with industrial skills 

The Bible schools take place in the homes of the brick kiln families, where both children and adults learn the gospel. We are honored to partner with Village School of the Bible to provide the families with Bible course booklets translated into their native language, Urdu. 

We also support a formal School for children as young as age 4.5, up to 10th grade with support and partnership of the local churches. In the school the children learn primary education and the Christian students receive Bible lessons to grow closer to Christ. 


Bible School Students


Elementary, Middle and High School Students


Vocational School Students


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