Most Christians in rural Pakistan live together in small Christian colonies.

Christian girls leave their homes in these communities to work in the homes of their  neighbors as domestic workers. But, because these young women are poor and helpless, they are often repeatedly sexually assaulted in these homes.

Some are even:

  • kidnapped from the street,

  • assaulted,

  • pressured into marriages with older men and/or

  • provided no formal education

Women in an SMI Bible study

Girls waiting for an SMI Bible study in a brick factory

Where SMI Comes In

At SMI, we’re compelled to act for our Christian sisters in Pakistan. (You can, too. Join us!)

One way we do this is by teaching them job skills. We train young women in beauty, sewing and business. Once trained, they can operate a business right from their homes.

SMI also provides these young women with discipleship. Our chief goal is to 1) reveal Jesus and 2) help them deepen their relationship with him. We believe these women would not enter into forced conversions if they knew the power and love of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The sad truth is that many Pakistani Christians haven’t had a personal encounter with Jesus. They're Christians because they were born into it.

We’re determined to see that change. (And we bet you are, too.)

These young women will be operating businesses out of their homes. So, they have the freedom to pray for their clients and share the love of Jesus freely with them. SMI supports these women through this process. We’re praying that the powerful love of Jesus spreads like wildfire across the nation of Pakistan through these strong young women.


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