We have volunteers that go to the children’s homes, provide them a meal and teach them in the evening after they’ve finished their workday. Children aged 5-10 years are taught primary school classes such as the English language, Mathematics, Urdu studies and Christian & Biblical studies.

Research shows that hungry children can’t learn. That’s why we make sure every child in our program receives a meal before the class starts. We want these beautiful children to be well-fed body, soul and spirit.

St. Martin's School 

SMI recently took over St. Martin’s School in Jhang, Pakistan. This is the only school in the area that will provide a Christian education to children of Christian families. Eventually the school will be able to serve 600 Christian students who otherwise might have to go to Muslim schools or work at brick kilns from a very early age.

Our focus is to give our Christian children the opportunity to learn the Bible and grow in faith in Christ Jesus while getting their academic education in a caring Christian environment.

We currently have 115 students enrolled!

Unquantifiable Impact

While we strive to be clear about impact data with our donors, there is, of course, the kind of impact that cannot be measured with numbers.

Children who work in the brick kilns get the chance to hope. They can dream—about a better future, about what they want to be when they grow up, etc. They can PLAY. Sometimes, the SMI school is the only chance a child gets to play. For many of them, it’s the only time they get to leave the brick factory. They are overjoyed.

The children look forward to a nourishing meal. They have goals with their education. They get to take ownership over some aspect of their lives. They also know that there are adults in their lives who care about them and are willing to support them.

That kind of impact is immeasurable and priceless.

Please stay tuned to see how the impact grows as we continue to grow as a ministry!


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